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Congratulations - you have reached my hobby page about Heirloom Gardening.  The focus of this web site at this time is on finding the best heirloom vegetables for the Scottsdale, Arizona area.  I grew up on a farm in Iowa and we raised and canned most of the food we ate.  My parents and grandparents had extensive knowledge about gardening and preserving that food.  Much of the wisdom about gardening has been lost with me and so now in retirement I am trying to reclaim that heritage.

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Why Plan An

  Urban Garden?


If you have some space to grow plants in your urban setting, why wouldn't you grow plants that produce edible foods?  Most of us are trained to grow urban landscape by using ornamental plants and trees.  I was introduced to the idea of urban farming by Greg Peterson with his Phoenix Permaculture Guild.  I now have a fruit orchard, fenced garden with a covered greenhouse frame to protect vegetables from the elements, birds and rodents.  I also have a nursery to start my tomato plants for both spring and fall plant sales.

If you are going to spend the money to develop your garden, why not understand the growing seasons and what will thrive and produce well in your environment.  My environment is the low-desert in Scottsdale, AZ.  There are many places around the world that have developed desert gardens with specialized plants that thrive in their environment, these are the ones that I suggest you consider in a low-desert garden.

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