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Learn About This Master Gardener

Ken has three or four businesses in one place: wholesale/retail compost & fish fertilizer sales, garden/farm, farmers market store, chickens & eggs.  Ken is an intriguing person, he has researched all elements of rich organic soil elements and has much to say about how to turn poor alkaline soil into rich productive garden soil.  He devotes himself full time working his enterprises and his healthy living philosophy. 

Location: The farm is located on the Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation, on the north side of Thomas Road, just east of the 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 225-7199

Compost: He sells his compost by the bag full (in your car trunk), loaded into your pickup truck, or wholesale delivered by the truck load (by appointment).  He has two grades of compost; course with bits of wood visible, and fine - to be used on lawns and in gardens.  His compost has been tested and is VERY high in microorganisms (microbes, fungi, etc)  He takes special care to watch the temperatures and condition of his aging compost piles and turns and aerates it to keep the little critters working to break down the organic matter.

Fertilizer: Ken has researched fertilizers and also sells at a competitively priced liquid fish emulsion that he swears by: "Organic Gem" with Kelp added.  It is listed as: 3 - 3 - .03 [(N) nitrogen - (P) phosphorus - (K) potassium

Garden: Ken has a unique garden, it is designed for our desert environment.  He has planted trees, a mix of Mesquites, Palo Verde, Palm and Paulownia that are spaced about 100 ft. apart in his garden area.  The gardens are planted in the spaces in between the trees.  This accomplishes many things; micro climate (15-20 degrees cooler in the summer and protects the plants from cold winds in the winter.)  The aspiration of the trees also increases the humidity in the dry desert air.  He has plants growing in the garden year around. There is ample parking in the lot as you come from Thomas Rd..  Ken or one of his sons is usually around talking to customers on Saturdays and willing to answer questions and give out information about his great compost.

Farmers Market:  The market is open  on Saturdays from 7am to 2pm.   Be there early if you want the best selection of items.  You can purchase seeds, starter plants, fresh produce, breads, cookies and pastries, homemade butter, homemade hummus, spices, aprons, and more. As the produce runs out, more is picked from the fields and brought into the store.

There is usually a restaurant chef at the Saturday Farmers Market that prepares  amazing food right on the property.  They might even have cooked their food in Ken Singh's mud oven. The food is delicious, and  it is FREE.

Property:  You can tour the property and see rows upon rows of delicious fruit and vegetables as well as chickens, peacocks, and more. You are welcome to roam the property and spend as much time as you want just looking at everything.  Buy the way they accept only cash and check .

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Disclaimer: This is not a commercial site, the information provided here has been collected from classes, books, and conversations with garden professionals, personal experience and information on the internet.  The author holds no responsibility for your use or application of this information.  You need to research and test what you do in your garden, just as I have done.  Good Luck